Nancy Stewart has graced the pages of Gerihorse with her photographs for over ten years. For the new year, we are showcasing her talent on and off the farm. We have had a lot of fun with Nancy as she tries to pose horses and people — pretty much an impossibility. She takes thousands of photographs and is instrumental in our holiday gift every year. Nancy is constantly learning new techniques and updating her equipment and cameras. She is the website! We are lucky to have Nancy work with us and capture life at Paint Creek Farm. You can visit Nancy at nancystewartphotography.com or at View Bug.

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Geriatric Horse Care

The golden years are filled with creaky bones and a wandering mind. Chewing is difficult because the teeth of geriatric horses in their twenties and thirties are worn down and sometimes missing. Digestion is much slower and so is motility. Older horses never seem to drink enough and easily become dehydrated. A complete senior feed coupled with rice bran for the hard keeper and sometimes beet bulp seem to work best. It’s tricky for the geriatric horse to chew hay, swallow it without choking and process it without impaction or diarrhea. Ahh the golden years….. Please click on the button below for more information on Geriatric Horse Care.

Geriatric Horse Care

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