Nancy Stewart has graced the pages of Gerihorse with her photographs for over ten years. For the new year, we are showcasing her talent on and off the farm. We have had a lot of fun with Nancy as she tries to pose horses and people — pretty much an impossibility. She takes thousands of photographs and is instrumental in our holiday gift every year. Nancy is constantly learning new techniques and updating her equipment and cameras. She is the website! We are lucky to have Nancy work with us and capture life at Paint Creek Farm. You can visit Nancy at nancystewartphotography.com

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Rainbow Bridge

Rush had to be first in everything. First through the gate. First for feed. First for treats. First in the show ring. Rush was sound throughout his twenties in retirement — a bit antsy in case a horse or human beat him to something.

We loved you Rush for your wonderful cockeyed ears. For your “I’m always Rushing” to something. Elvis is still waiting and watching for you to rush around the live oaks in your pasture one upping him somehow — king of the hill up by the double ponds. You are first in our hearts, dear Rush. Gallop and jump to blue and blue and blue.


Rainbow Bridge

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