The heat is on in Texas. Our pastures are thick and healthy due to so-much-needed rain. Our geriatrics love all the grass but don’t have many teeth left to chew it. So, they are still getting their senior feed with plenty of rice bran mush three times a day. The fans are on; the baths more frequent (we were in a drought last year), and our caretakers are drinking lots of electrolytes. Where’s the swimming pool at this farm, they wonder. And how come we’re not in it? You can’t beat the heat in Texas. We can only hope that our oldsters stay comfortable and make it to fall. Long live old horses! We’ll be ready for falling leaves and the color they bring.

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Geriatric Horse Care

The golden years are filled with creaky bones and a wandering mind. Chewing is difficult because the teeth of geriatric horses in their twenties and thirties are worn down and sometimes missing. Digestion is much slower and so is motility. Older horses never seem to drink enough and easily become dehydrated. A complete senior feed coupled with rice bran for the hard keeper and sometimes beet bulp seem to work best. It’s tricky for the geriatric horse to chew hay, swallow it without choking and process it without impaction or diarrhea. Ahh the golden years….. Please click on the button below for more information on Geriatric Horse Care.

Geriatric Horse Care

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